Southern Launch - Light this Candle

Congratulations to the team at Southern Launch for the successful launch of the HyImpulse SR75 from their new permanent rocket launch site at the Koonibba Test Range.

The SR75 is a hybrid rocket with its propellant made from liquid oxygen and paraffin wax – better known as candle wax.

The SR75 was the first vehicle to be launched under the high powered rocket permit issued by the Australian Space Agency that is based here in SA at Lot Fourteen thanks to the former Liberal State and Federal Governments.

The SR75 was also the largest ever commercial rocket to be launched from Australia

The rocket successfully launched on May 3rd – flying to edge of space The mission lasted for 8 minutes (before landing 79km down range).

Not only was the mission a success for the teams of Southern Launch and HyImpulse the mission was also a success for the local Koonibba Aboriginal Community.

Over 30 of the approximately 50 Koonibba locals were employed by Southern Launch bringing economic opportunity to the area. The community is very proud of the contribution they made to this historic launch (and can’t wait to be involved in the next launch).

There is also a fantastic opportunity for South Australia to be the home of orbital launch based out of Southern Launch’s Whalers Way facility near Port Lincoln.

It was an opportunity I was passionate about as the Trade and Investment Minister in the former Liberal Government and I strongly encourage the current Government to continue the momentum and fully realise the opportunity for launch at Whalers Way knowing they will receive support from this side of the house.

Congratulations again to Lloyd and all his team at Southern Launch for successfully ”Lighting this Candle” on May 3rd 2024.

Southern Launch - Light this Candle