Local Priorities

In the lead up to the 2018 State Election, I enjoyed speaking with thousands of residents of Morphett about what mattered to them most. We chatted over the phone, via email, on your doorsteps, in our parks and in our shopping centres. From our conversations I identified a suite of priorities that will continue to allow Morphett to be a great place to live and conduct business.

These include an emphasis on building community, supporting and growing the economy, promoting a quality education, protecting the local environment and coastline, assisting seniors, and improving our transport corridors.

With a clear vision and priorities, I am able to focus my energy and efforts to deliver what matters most to you, the people I represent. I want to work in measurable ways to ensure that I am achieving according to our priorities.


Community is at the heart of everything I do. Citizens are crying out for politicians who can connect with the community, and importantly, articulate that connection. Every decision I make as your Member for Morphett has our community in mind, and is another step towards my goal of improving our community to be the best that it can be.

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Local Economy

Small business is the backbone of our State's economy, and as each business grows, they employ people and bring desperately needed interstate and international money into South Australia.

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My parents both highly valued education and the importance of continual learning, and as a result I am a product of a strong education here in Adelaide. I believe it is important to promote the introduction of entrepreneurialism and innovation into the school curriculum, and to constantly upgrade our learning facilities.

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Environment and Coastline

Our community is home to over 2½ kilometres of spectacular coastline that makes it truly Adelaide's premier seaside destination. The beach itself provides a natural barrier to westerly travel and at the same time, along with the foreshore, provides much of the electorate's open space.

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We have a responsibility to fulfil our commitment to supporting South Australians to age well. Seniors deserve to be able to live comfortable and financially secure lives, free from worry as they age.

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Transport and Infrastructure

Adelaide is a growing city, and as such requires modern and upgraded infrastructure to accommodate the growing population. Upgrades to traffic corridors and public transport are busting congestion and getting people home safer and sooner.

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